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Can't register 2nd Handset

 Hello there,

i have a problem registering a second handset. I have a base station M300 and two M25 Handsets. In the M300 Webinterface both handsets are shown by their IPEI, but only one handset can be connected. When trying to register the second handset by the handset's menu (Connectivity ...) with the 0000 code, it fails.

Can anyone help me out ?

Kind regards

Marius Widmann

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Hi Marius,

After you have started the registration on the handset, can you try to select the extension in the web interface of the M300 under Extensions, and then click on Start SIP Registration.?

Please also check under SIP Log and see if the M300 received any error message from the server with regards to this extension. For example if the  server replies twice with "401 Unauthorized", it could be that the username or password are incorrect.

If it still fails, I would also suggest to try the latest release release version to avoid any old bugs:



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