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Call failure after sip reload on Asterisk

Hi. I configured two Desktop IP SNOM D735 and Snom D785 on Asterisk. When i register the sip account and do a call for the first time, the call does work successfully. However, after a sip reload on the asterisk CLI, the call does not work (its seems like the phone is busy but it is not true). If i re-register again the SIP account, everything works again, but it will not working again after a sip reload. 

I am going to attach a debug with the failure. It is strange that there are invites from the pbx to the phone but the phone response is 404 Not Found.


(98.3 KB)
(930 Bytes)
(935 Bytes)

Issue was resolved by enabling 'Support Broken Registrar' on the SIP Identity. 


Snom Support

Just enable 'Support Broken Registrar' on the SIP Identity.

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