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Attended transfer when incoming call


We have an issue when performing an attended transfer and received an incoming call at the same time.

When the phone is configured with call_join_xfer "off" (or "on" and with more than one call on hold) when transferring an attended call (already talking with the third person) if you receive an incoming call, when you press the transfer button, appear a list to choose which call to be transfered. The problem is that in first place apear the current incoming call list instead of the holding call list. If we are making an attended transfer I think the first list to appear should be the holding one.

Is the a way do change this behavior?

Snom 715 with fw v10.1.37.11


Best Regards,

Joao Viegas

Hi Joao,

Maybe this setting could help: .



Hello Catalina,

Thank you for your reply. That setting is useful whecall_join_xfer is set to always, but resolve the problem. If I set the call_join_xfer=always the operator loose the option to choose which call to transfer to the same destination, and same time is usefull to be able to choose.

Best regards,

João Viegas

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