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refused calls on M65 in combination with SNOM PA1

Hello everyone,

we are using a 3cx in combination with snom D345 and snom M65 handsets. In our repair shop hall we need an additional bell, which is louder than the integrated M65 handset bell.

Therefore we used a snom pa1, in which we configured the same SIP-Account as the handset has. On the PA1 we connected an electric circuit which controls the external bell.

Everything works fine so far. But there is still one problem. If I reject a call on the snom D345, the external bell stops ringing. If I reject the call on a M65 handset the external bell doesn´t stop ringing.

info: for the D345 I set the value settings/reject calls with 603 an everything works fine.

Has anybody an idea, what I can try to solve this problem?

best regards thomas

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Have you considered setting up a forwarding rule in 3CX for either the PA1 or the extension?


Snom Support

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