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snom m65s/M700 + 3CX: upgrading to 16 causes delay after pickup

Hello and a Good Day,

We've got a a setup of 10 M700 and 40 M65 and have recently upgraded our 3CX from V15.5 to 16 and ever since our snom handsets express some rather strange behaviour.

There's been a change in call quality (both outbound and internal) even though we did not explicitly change any audio codec settings, neither on the 3CX nor in the M700s directly. I've been testing and switching the order of the codecs (711U/711A/722 etc) but nothing seems to really help.

But the biggest bugger ist the delay when a line is opened. The handsets are indicating that something is in happening in "HD", at least that's what it says in the display. When someone picks up the phone it takes up to 1,5 seconds until the connection has actually been established and the "HD" appears in the display. During that time the connection is not usable/dead. That's rather irritating.

Before it was an instant experience - you picked up the phone, you could talk or listen. Now you have to wait and people are complaining.

I am having a hard time identifying the root cause of this. I suspect that it's somehow connected to the codec settings, but...what does the "HD" actually indicate? A specific (group of) codec(s) being used? Or some other setting in the 3CX?

If anyone could point me in the right direction i'd be pretty grateful!


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What version of firmware is on your M700 bases and M65 handsets? Is the 3CX PBX hosted or on Premises?

Snom Support

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