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Phones Occasionally Lagging v8.9.3+


We have many customers using snom phones, currently they are running firmware

We have tried upgrading some to and some customers have self upgraded to, however we have received numerous reports of the phones having issues with occasional lag where the phone becomes unresponsive and slow.

This is a large issue when the customer tries to answer a call and the phone occasionally takes many seconds to actually connect the call, and in that time their customer just hangs up (sometimes taking > 15 seconds and the call just drops).

With our internal testing at the office we have seen this behaviour occasionally on the phones we have here too. This has been reported on a few different phone models and we have personally seen it on the D725 and D745 models.

This behaviour doesn't happen on v8.7.5.35, and we haven't had any reports of it happening on this version either.

Just wondering if this is a known issue and if anyone has any recommendations on how to fix or limit this issue?



Can you test a few phones with the newly released and see if you still see the issue? 


Snom Support

Hi Sean,

We have updated some phones in the office to We still see some occasional lag issues when taking calls off hold, but haven't had issues when answering/making calls yet. Because it's an intermittent thing its hard to tell just yet whether it's fully fixed, but it does seem better so far.

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