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Snom 370 + EHS + Plantronics CS540 OR Jabra 900 Series

Currently sitting on the latest firmware and have not have luck since with either Plantronics CS540 or the Jabra, despite it showing on Snoms website as a working compatible combination.

The issue:

Talking, hearing - fine.

Hanging up calls - not working. Buttons dont do anything.

Any thoughts?

Also cannot Answer. So cannot answer, cannot hang up. Kind of a pointless hook switch.

Hi Mango,

I have seen this happening in the past when the cable connection was not correct. Please note that you need two cable connections: one for audio and one for control (via EHS).

Have a look here and make sure you are doing the right connection:

If the connection is correct, try newer firmware versions: or



Thanks Catalina, would like to try your suggestion but unfortunately the 370s or 3XX in general don’t have access to 8.9.x firmware. Any chance you have access or a link for 3XX devices?

Hi Mango,

I apologize, you are correct. Unfortunately there is no newer build for the 370 as it is EOL.



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