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SNOM PA1 Support SNMP/Firmware

Is it me, or does SNOM not like to support it's customers?

I have a SNOM PA1 System, and I want to use SNMP to ensure the device stays online however it doesn't support the SNMP Walk that needs to be done to discover the device. 

Ok Cool, maybe its a firmware issue, so I go look for the firmware and the Wiki says.

The latest “snom UC edition” firmware can be downloaded from within our Snom Partner Community.

If you don't have a login yet, please use the community registration form to request an account.

When you have an community account please contact your Snom key contact to request the privilege elevation to access the UC firmware section.

Ok so none of the links work, so Im like ok well lets call support.

Only Snom partners are entitled to receive direct Snom support.

· If you are an end user please contact the Snom reseller where the devices were purchased 

· If you are a reseller but you are not a Snom partner please contact your distributor and please consider to join our partner program. If you can't obtain support from your distributor you can ask on the forum community. 

If you are a Snom partner you can follow the instructions reported below.

Anyone have suggestions how to deal with them? Should we look for a new IP-PA System?

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Hello Michael, 

according to the documentation in our srvice portal, snom phones only support the GET request of SNMP. 

see more:

Best regards

snom support team

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