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Snom D345 crash on


I have a phone in version in in a customer that crashs every few days.

It has 2 D3 Expansion Module V2.1.1 connected.

When it crashs the modules don't show any text on the expansion modules.

I have tried to upgrade to snomD345-, but the expansion modules just stop to work.

Any ideas?

Dear Nelson,

is the second D7 powered with external power supply?

Which is the hardware version of yours D7?

Which is the phone's model?

Best regards

Hi Luca,

Second D3(not D7) is not external powered.

D3 version is: 2.1.1

and phone model is D345.

Dear Nelson,

the second D3 needs an external power supply.

Could you please test the scenario with it?

Best regards

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