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SNOM PA1 as a Multicast Relay/Server

Hi, working on an Asterisk based systems and have setup a PA1 with a user extension for a paging adapter.

I would like to be able to dial PA1's extension, have the device answer, then push/relay the page via multicast to all the telephones listening for the multicast address.

Under Advanced, settings, SIP/RTP/Multicast I have set an IP address

Under Identity 1, RTP I have setup a Multicast Relay Address.

Is this possible, or am I missing a setting?

Thanks in advance

Hi Glenn,

Have a look at this article:

Does this answer your question?



Thanks for the reply Catalina.

Yes I did see that article, and setup the PA1 with those settings, however when I called the extension assigned to the PA1, it did not push the page over the telephones that were listening on that address.

Will the PA1 do this feature?

Hi Glenn,

What PA1 version are you using? I just tried with snomPA1-SIP My Asterisk is version 13.18.3.

Note that you also need auto answer enabled on the PA1 in order for the PA1 to pick up the call automatically.

On the PA1:

On the destination phone:



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