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Multi Site Paging

We have multiple sites at multiple physical locations. Until recently, we had one extension registered across all of our snoms to do an all building page. All of a sudden, this stopped working. The snoms still function if you only page that building which is identity 1. They still function for the night ring function we have on identity 2. This extension is on identity 3. It registers in 3cx and shows as up. The snom logs also acknowledge a received call from the all building extension but, no page is ever heard. Any advice on what it might be?

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You have (3) separate PA1s all registered with a single extension or you have (3) PA1s all part of a Ring Group with individual extensions? The extension configured on all (3) PA1s on Identities 1, 2 and 3 work, but the "all building page" extension (Identity 4) does not?


Snom Support

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