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Snom 720 Audio disconnects while talking

Hey guys.

We have a serious problem at work with our 720 Phones.

As long as more than 1 person is using the phone at the same time the next calls are blurry or kinda "one way audio" ( yeah, I read the article about it, but it didn't help). So it's not possible to do more than 1 or 2 calls at the same time, even though we payed for that option.

We tried:

- Checking firewall (Windows and Sophos)

- Checking Bandwith 

- Firmware update

- Router Restart

- And of course cable check ;-)

Meanwhile our knowledge comes to an end and we appreciate every help and solution.

Thank you guys.


Dear Kjell,

unfortunately Snom 720 are in end of life and we don't provide more support.

But this issue seems related to NAT/firewall. Please check the RTP port range and disable sip alg on firewall.

You can check if something is blocked with a pcap trace taken on the phone when this issue starts.

Check also on your pbx if everything is ok

Best regards

Ok, thanks. We 'll try that. 

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