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M700 Multicell - DECT connection required?


one of our costumers wants to upgrade the installation to use mobile handhelds. 

There are multiple office buildings which are too far from each for a direct connection (>200m), but they share the same IP network. Is it possible to use a multicell setup in that case?

The roaming is not needed (and not possible) but can we configure one M700 and register the phones to it and the phones also work at the buildings with the slave M700s?

Thanks and best regards

Dear Michael,

in this case (they share the same IP network and they are too far from each other) you can use the mulicell multimaster setup.

In this setup there will be one master for each building and handsets can register in each environment covered by DECT signal.

We do DECT training courses that explains how the DECT system works, if you are interested, you can contact your Snom Sales representative.

Best regards 

Dear Luca,

thanks a lot. Yes, this is good advice and I will look for the course.

Best regards

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