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Caller Picture in Firmware greater than in Snom D785


at the moment I test the new firmware I noticed that the image of the caller is now displayed in a circle and no longer on the entire screen, as was the case in the firmware

Is there an option I have overlooked or is it "feature by design"?

If it is "feature by design", can you make it changeable with an option bullet please?

Thanks in advance


Hi Marcus,

I sent your question to development and will let you know as soon as I have a reply.



Hi Marcus,

I have an answer from development.

The change to display the image surrounded by a circle was intended. The reason for this is related to the new implementation of the base-format of the screen in XML, which was done to allow the phone screen to be more flexible and modern. Due to its XML form, the call screen must be displayed in a "list view". This requires a standardized display of photos: each photo must be approximately the same size, since the list elements must of course all fit on one screen and should look uniform.

The problem with photos in general is that they usually do not have a unique format, but can be in portrait or landscape mode. This makes it very difficult for us to position them reasonably from the layout in a list view.

In any case, the XML screen is still being developed and it will become more and more customizable with each new version. Thus, I opened a feature request in our system for the possibility to display larger images, with internal ID: SCPP-8835. We will post here if it gets implemented.



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