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I needed to update a few phones (all D785) to firmware since were problems with invisble menu entries and hands-on softkey programming before.

But since that, Reverse LDAP Lookup for incoming external callers is no longer working.

I heard from someone else that there is already a Pre-Release version of the next Firmware, which fixed that issue for him on another phone.

Is there also such Alpha/Beta Firmware for D785 phones?

Thank you, best


Hi Florian,

Have you had the chance to look here:

Especially I suggest to pay attention to the * symbol and make sure it is used correctly in the filter.

I will convert this forum into a ticket to have a closer look at your issue.



I think I have the same problem and it's not related to the use of the *.

I'm also running snomD785-SIP

Reverse lookup is not completly broken, it just stopped working for specific kinds of numbers.

I can give you some examples.

You have 2 numbers:

030854632 Ernst Test

004058963215 Gerd Mueller


I use (&(|(telephoneNumber=%*)(mobile=%*))(sn=*)) as LDAP number filter, which means if I search for 030, I get 1 result "Ernst Test". While running PCAP, you can see the result is correct:





Our Unify Openscape now shows every external phone call with a leading 0 because what leads to handling our address book in a way that every external number is saved with a leading 0. That makes sense so that we can directly call out from the LDAP phone book. The problem is, someone with a different local prefix than ours has 2 leading 0. One to initiate an external call and the second for the local prefix. For some reason this seams to crash the LDAP search. Here's the example for Gerd Mueller with 004058963215:



It seems to try every combination there is for the "sn" which could consist of "0040" but it breaks somewhere and never reaches the point where it would search for   

Filter: (&(|(telephoneNumber=0040*)(mobile=0040*))(sn=*))

o, it's not possible to search for any number that has 2 leading 0s in it.

Perhaps there's a trick in all of it which I couldn't find. But all in all it looks for me like a bug how the LDAP search is run.

Perhaps you could give me some feedback or some estimated timeline when the above mentioned Firmware without this bug is released.

Thanks for the help.

Did you test the latest firmware from the new Service Page? I mean, there are 3 newer releases out...

Oh, my bad. I installed the phone and it did a firmware update by itself. The version it ended with was It didn't occur to me that I have to look for manual updates by myself after the phone did its updates.

I will try the new ones and give some feedback! Thanks for the answer.

I upgrade to but the problem is the same.

When searching for numbers starting with two 0, the serach is "malformed":


I made my own topic because I found out where the problem is coming from and I think it has nothing to do with yours.

The topic is here :

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