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Prefix function key

So I'd like to be able to use a function key as a prefix. I do know about the speed dial "number=incomplete" option and the action URL to send keys to the dialer. There's just one snag to that. I'd like to then press another function key to add to the number and then send the call.

Example: I press a function key to send to voicemail, then I press a user BLF key to add the user extension to dialed prefix.

On my PBX, 8 is the voicemail prefix. So if I dial or transfer to 8105 it goes straight to voicemail for extension 105. I'd like to not have to create extra speed dials to send callers to user voicemail boxes.

Dear Bryan,

We opened a feature request but for the time being we cannot say when this will be implemented.

internal reference number: SCPP-8758
So I suggest to contact a Snom sales representative in order to discuss its priority.

best regards

snom support team

great idea!

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