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Raspy/Disturbed Dialtone Snom D785 (


on some calls the dialtone ist raspy or disturbed. In german I would say "Es schnarrt". The communication (voice) itself is clear and not disturbed.

I already set the MWI Dialtone to normal. But it doesn't solved the problem. The mailbox functionality is not used, so there can't be a message.

Can anybody give me a hint what's going wrong or where I can search?

Thanks in advance.



The dialtone issue, does it affect the handset, speakerphone or a headset if one is being used, or does it affect all three?


Sean Collins

Snom Support

Hi Sean,

the colleague primarily use the headset, but it occurs on all three parts.




Is this isolated to a single user (D785)? Are they using a USB headset? Is so, (USB) what is the make and model?

I'm Sorry, but I'm not in the office next week so I can't proove anything or check the make or model.I will give you the information as soon as possible. Sorry.

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