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PA1 1-Minute Delay


I was able to configure a Snom PA1 and successfully registers with our hosted PBX. However, when you call it, it takes one minute exactly before you can hear anything coming from it. I have called it multiple times and it always takes 60 seconds to pick up. I'm calling from a Yealink phone into the PA1. There are no issues/delays with calling other phones, just when you call into the PA1. Any ideas why there is a one minute delay?

Is there a setting for this type of answer time?

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Mr. Tech,

Does it take 60 seconds before you can hear audio coming from the speakers, after the call is connected or 60 seconds before the call connects? 

Are you making a direct SIP call to the PA1 or using a Multicast to page to it? 

What version of firmware is on the PA1? 

Are the PA1 and the Yealink on the same VLAN and physically located in the same building or are they separated by Routers, Firewalls, VPN etc.

Can start by providing the SIP trace from the PA1 showing the call setup (please redact the file and remove all sensitive information)

1. Log in in the web-interface as admin

2. Select SIP Trace from the menu on the left

3. Select Clear

4. Reproduce the issue

5. Select Reload 

6. Copy the content of the log into a textfile and attach it to your reply


Sean Collins 

Snom Support

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