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PA 1 as ringer-rj11 wired speaker


I was wondering if anyone had tried to wire a snom to a speaker as a ringer using rj-11 existing wiring.  currently they have a nortel phone system that has a ringer on their existing speaker that was wired using rj-11.  To save time I was wondering if I could use the active pair on the rj 11 to wire into either the line line out or the speaker jacks.

Dear Michael,

this is not a supported configuration.

If you want that PA1 plays a ringer audio, you can remove the auto answer from the identity and he'll play the ringing with the connected speaker. You have to put pa1's extension into the hunting group of the pbx: this will allow the PA1 to rings simultaneously with other phones.

Best regards

Ty Luca but I was actually asking about wiring not the pa1 configuration. Any ideas on that?
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