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Multiple concurrent SIP channels on single DECT base


I'm interested by the M325 DECT base but I would like to know how to understand this :

- Up to 20 handsets 

- Up to 5 parallel calls

Does that mean that I can register two IPBX extensions such as "teamA" and "teamB", register two M25 office handsets such as "A" and "B" on the same base and expect team A to call using handset A simultanously to team B calling using headset B?

It sounds quite obvious, I know... But I definitively can't get any cristal clear answer to this...

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Albian,

- Up to 20 handsets:  means that you can have max 20 handsets into the DECT coverage of the base station that they can receive or place calls. 

- Up to 5 parallel calls: means that only 5 handsets can have an active call simultaneously. If you have 5 handsets with an active call, no other devices can place or receive other calls until a slot will become free

These limits are not related to the SIP server but to the resources of the DECT radio system.

Best regards

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