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PA-1 Firmware upgrade fails


I'm trying to upgrade a PA-1 from FW to  I followed the instructions here:

Once I press load the PA-1 goes through a reboot.  After it comes up I go to the System Information page and it shows the current FW is still Full System Info is:

System Information:
Phone Type:snomPA1-SIP
Production Information:Mac:0004133351BE;Version:Standard;Hardware:snomPA1 (R3C-2110-V40-S00-P00);Date:07/04/15;Copyright(C) snom technology AG
Uptime:0 days, 0 hours, 1 minutes
LCS:0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes (term 9 2018-09-05 09:14:40.005)
Memfree:2180 K
CPU:0.18 0.06 0.02 1/10 10  
Expansion Module:(0)
SIP Identity Status:
Identity 1 Status:301@ OK
Identity 2 Status:
Identity 3 Status:
Identity 4 Status:
Ethernet Status:
Port 1:Connection Type: 100 Mbit Full Duplex
Status: connected
Port 2:Connection Type: 
Status: not connected

I've tried this multiple times and the PA-1 refuses to upgrade.  The log doesn't show any entries about the firmware upgrade (even when set to maximum).  What am I doing wrong? 

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I would have a few suggestions:

-try to upgrade first to an intermediate version such as or

-if this also fails, to see more details about what happens send the syslogs to your PC running wireshark or set a syslog server ( to get the logs from before the reboot. If you need help understanding the logs, let us know and we can turn this forum entry into a ticket and have a look at your logs

-you can also try to install the upgrade using the recovery procedure if you have all the needed tools:



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