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snomPA1-SIP settings issue

Don't know much about this device; we had someone install it for us awhile ago.  We wanted to adjust some settings, before doing so we made use of the 'Click here to save settings', which created a file settings.cfg file.  After doing this, had told one of our employees to go-ahead and figure out the desired sound levels.  Make a long story short; the snom isn't working anymore (was set up to allow us to page a PA system in another location).  I wasn't too worried about the settings as I had backed them up; Upon restoring those settings, the snom is still not functioning at all (web server working; that's it)  I did the 'load' followed by apply, save and reboot.

When I compare the loaded settings to my settings.cfg, I see slight differences.  Is there something I'm missing?  Also, noticed there are no passwords stored in the settings.cfg, but there are supposedly stored passwords in the snom web server configurations; is it possible, the snom needs to have passwords re-entered?  I don't know the passwords, so I haven't tried but could find out if needed.  Just assumed they would have backed up and reloaded when I restored.

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Hi Bob,

For security reasons the phone doesn't export any passwords. That means that you are correct, the password needs to be re-entered.



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