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Snom D375: Unable to change update setting URL in firmware


I try to set the provisioning / update URL on a Snom D375 with the latest firmware (, but I'm unable to change it.

I can reproduce this issue on all D375 phones in our company:

1) Open the GUI of the phone

2) Click "Advanced"

3) Click on the tab "Update"

4) Change the "Setting URL" from "{mac}" (default) to something else (in my case "t")

5) Click on "Apply"

The site refreshes and the old / default value is still set. I've already reinstalled the same firmware as I thought, the installation may were corrupt, but even after reinstalling and resetting the desk phone settings and firmware, I still have the same issue.

Is this a bug in the firmware? How can I tell my D375 phones, that they shall provision from my PBX instead of

Best Regards,



Can you login to the Web UI of the D375 and go to the Settings section. Locate, click on "Click here to save the settings in XML format" and provide the XML settings perimeter for;

<setting_server perm="RW">{mac}">


Sean Collins

Snom Support

Hi Sean,

Sorry for this delay - I was out for vacation.

The phone has following XML setting there:

<setting_server perm="RW">{mac}


Best Regards,


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