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M300 - SIP Identity Status

Hi there

I am trying to set up our base unit using the web user interface, but it doesn't seem to recognise/register the server information I have entered, as it doesn't display the 'SIP Identity Status of this Base Station', as per page 25 of your Admin and Installation Guide.  

This is highly likely to be user error, but I cannot see where the problem is.  Any help/advice gratefully received. 

With many thanks...  

Hi Ailsa,

Did you also create an extension and registered the headset - see page 32 in the Admin Guide ? Only after you do that will you see the 'SIP Identity Status on this Base Station'.



Hi Catalina

Thank you for your message.  I have registered the handset, but the base unit now has a flashing red light and the handset home screen reads 'No SIP Reg'.

I have been on lengthy calls with our IT support team and our VoIP service provider and we cannot figure out what the issue might be. 

Do you have any guidance at all?

All best wishes


Hi Ailsa,

There seems to be a problem reaching the VOIP server or the VOIP server is rejecting the REGISTER request. Have a look at the "SIP Log" section in the web interface of the base station. Some details regarding the registration flow:



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