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Full support for OPUS codec...?

We use snom D345 phones with 3cx.

3cx now will full support the OPUS codec with the next version:

Further, also our SIP-Trunk provider will fully support OPUS in the near time...


According to snom, the opus codec is only supported as “an experimental feature”:


Other providers (like Yealink) do fully support OPUS since a while...


As you should now, OPUS provide best in class HD voice (way better then G.722) and is optimized especially also for VoIP (as the bandwidth is variable and it is fault tolerant).



  • When (date) will OPUS be filly supported by snom (especially D345, but also on the DECT phones) ?
  • Can the OPUS codec be used with 3cx, as soon as 3cx support OPUS with the next version?

Hi Freddy,

Unfortunately, the OPUS implementation is still experimental and we don't know if it will work with the 3cx solution.

I am sorry to inform you that we have no planned date on when this will be fully supported. Please follow our news in order to stay informed with all new features and releases, see our article on how to do this here:



Hi Catalina

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, not what I hoped to hear from snom :-(

Opus is the actually best codec to use for VoIP (you can hear this easily, if you make a call from mobile to mobile with Whats app  (whereby both mobiles are connected over WAN), as Whats app use Opus.

-> Cristal clear voice quality without any wrong noise...

Opus is coming more and more (with or without snom). As soon as Opus is supported from 3cx (what should be in the near time), Opus can be used for all internal phone calls, if the devices support Opus fully (what is not the case yet for snom according to your answer...)  

I can guarantee you, that snom will loose marke share, if Opus will not be supporte fully in the near time - especially to Yealink, as they support Opus fully, since a longer time...

This also may be a reason for us, to change to Yealink...

I would hand out this message to your PM team....



Hi Fredy,

I am very sorry to disappoint you. I have forwarded your reply to our Product Management.



Hi Catalina

That's a good idea...

I really think Opus will be "the big thing" (game changer) in the VoIP universe.

The actual problem is, that the (end-) customers (for now) don't know much about the Opus codec and the technical details.

But this will change in the next time and snom should be (in the own interest) one of the vendors, that does support Opus fully - trust me... 



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