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Snom D725 Press X for... during a call not working


one of our customers got 3 Snom D725 ( During a call it is not possible to follow call flows by pressing the 1 for X, pressing 2 for Y and so on. With M65 DECT Phones it's working.

We've got D765 Phones with same firmware version, not having this problem. I compared the settings without a noticeable entry.

Any suggestions?


Found a sipgate article for DTMF with some suggestions, but they are all set.

On Snom:

DTMF via SIP INFO is off

Full SDP Answer is on

RTP Encryption is off

On Asterisk:

dtmfmode: rfc2833

Are these issues in still present?

We will try the setting: DTMF via SIP INFO.


We have had good feedback from customers for version, but in some cases the issue seems to have returned in version If the workaround with DTMF via SIP INFO does not work, I would recommend that you use

We are looking for customers willing to set up a syslog server in their network and provide us syslogs over several days in order to help us with troubleshooting the issue. Please open a ticket if this is something you would like to help us with. 



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