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SNOM 725 - answer pressing headset button but comes on loud speasker


We have recently been ordering snom 725 models. The issue we are having is when a user gets an incoming call they press the headset button on the phone, it for some reason goes through to loud speaker and then the user has to press the tick to confirm headset use?

You would expect pressing the headset button would automatically go through to the headset.

We never had this before on the snom 360 and 370. We use Jabra GN9350e and GN9330e headset.

Many Thanks

Hi Peter,

What version are you running on the 725?

Is the Headset button on (green) or off before you are receiving the call?



Hi Catalina


The light is on before I answer the call then when I press the tick to answer the headset light goes off and the speakerphone light comes on and I cant hear through the headset

Many Thanks

Hi Pete,

I was not able to reproduce the issue in the lab with the same version as you snom725-SIP 

I opened a private ticket for you so that you can attach your settings and I will check them for you.



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