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snom 305 blf visual alert in display

hi there.

we have a freepbx system running and i am evaluating if snom phones can be a replacement for our current lineup of old phones.

this is about the blf capabilities of the firmware. blf and the sip subscription is working fine, the blf assigned button's led will blink when a call hits the monitored extension, and call pickup works too.

what i would like to accomplish is some kind of visual blf alert in the display. eg have the display prompt the calling number, so that a user can decide if he wants to pick the call or not.

i know sangoma phones can do that. can snom phones too? how would i proceed to do so? does it depend on the model i am using, which is currently a basic model 305.

thank you for any help or ideas.



Hi Sebastian, 

if I understood what do you want to achieve I think you are looking for the following setting

Best regard

Snom Support Team

hi sidaty.

thank you for your reply.

i guess the documention (your link) describes the feature i am after, but i still cannot get it to work. i have a 305 and a 375, both show the same behaviour: blf led is blinking, pickup does work, but nothing shows up in the display. goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity is set to "on".

from the documentation: "When any of your monitored lines shows an activity (other than idle), the phone will automatically display the call-monitor state."

but it does not, the display does not change at all. in asterisk and in the phones webinterface, i do see the active subscriptions.

is there some other parameter which needs to be set? how does the call-monitor state look like?

thank you for your help,


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