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PA-1 and Old Apartment Intercom

TL:DR I want to use the PA-1 to make my ancient apartment "Talk", "Listen", "Door" intercom smart.

I found the Snom PA-1 in my exhaustive search to find a solution to something I'd like to accomplish.

I live in an apartment building with an old Intercom system where the person in the lobby presses a button that buzzes a loud speaker in my unit. I can then communicate with the person in the lobby and buzz them in. In my unit, it looks like the attached picture.

I have a Voip system in my unit through and a Linksys RT31P2 Adapter with 2 phone ports/lines. 1 is connected to a sub account.

I was wondering if it was possible to connect the PA-1 to the other sub account on line 2 of the Linksys and connect the PA-1 to the speaker and mic of the intercom; and somehow connect the "Door" button connection as well to be able to trigger it with possibly a dialtone. I read here: that there's an internal relay on the PA-1. Is this true?

In an idea world, once my unit is buzzed, the PA-1 would call my cell phone (or another extension), and I could speak through the phone to the person buzzing. Then, I'd dial "9" (or a # combo) to let them in.

I know that there could be an electrical issue (voltage, current difference, etc.), but I first want to know if this is even possible.


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You want to know if the PA1 can be used as a door phone? If that is the question the answer is yes. If you are looking for guidance on how to connect the PA1 as a door phone,  here is a tutorial Matt Landis created for doing it that you may find helpful.


Sean Collins

Snom Support

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