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Snom M25 no SIP reg to Snom M700

We have an Snom M700 with Firmware 400 Branch Version 4

And we have Snom M25 Phones with Firmware 410 Branch Version 3

On the Snom Phones stands "no SIP reg"

i Tried to restart, reset etc. the devices.

Our Telephone supporter says "We dont know why there is no SIP registration. Please contact the Snom Support"

so here am i. 

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Refer to the SIP log of the M700. Locate the SIP REGISTER message for the extension associated with the handset and determine if, and, or, why the registration is failing with your provider. For an idea of what the SIP signaling should look like please refer to the following Snom Wiki article.


Sean Collins

Snom Support

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