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Can we disable the deny on long cancel key press ?



we experience issues at some customers with the deny all feature.

They're mostly equipped with Snom 7XX or Snom D7XX.

Users in Call Center use to reject incoming calls, what should not be an issue if they press the cancel (X) key shortly.

But some of them use to reject calls with a long cancel key press, and thus create them a local blacklist / deny list o the phoneset.

That forbids customer's next calls to be delivered properly and also generates a lot of unanswered cals from these agents.

Is there a way to completely disable this behaviour ?

We had a look at this: but this has no effect on the "2-3 sec cancel key press".

Thanks for your help


Avencell Support,

There has been an improvement in this feature and the creation of a new setting long_cancel_is_blocking_caller 


With long press cancel you can cancel an incoming call. If this setting is set to 'on' the caller will be additional added to the deny list of the internal phone book. In this case the caller is blocked forever. If he tries to call you again he will always get an busy. To remove the caller from the deny list, the phone book entry can be removed completely or the contact type of the entry has to be changed from 'Deny List' to an other value. If the setting is set to 'off' the caller will not be added to the deny list."

This feature is available starting with firmware releases and


Sean Collins 

Snom Support

Issue solved with firmware


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