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PA1 and ATT PagePac20

I just finished setting up paging using a PA1 connected to an ATT PagePac20 amplifier.  The issue is that on the Pagepac, there are 4 connections.  2 are for audio, but the other two have to be connected to cause the amplifier to come on.  (I replaced an ATT phone system).

I need to be able to short these two wires together anytime the PA1 is active then disconnect them when it is inactive (during a page and when idle).

Is this possible without adding an external relay circuit.  

Is there a source to find out what the pins/cables on the PA1 do?  

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You will need an external relay. The I/O cable is intended to be used with an external relay board (see below)

An explanation of the I/O pins can be found in the attached .pdf document.


Sean Collins

Snom Support

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