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Function Keys - Macro / Hook actions (D370)

Is it possible for function keys on the D370 (latest firmware) to automate Hook actions and send DTMF codes / keypresses?

We'd like to program a function key to change settings on an Bintec-Elmeg PBX only accessible via dialing codes for non-system-phones.

For this to work, a function key would have to emulate the following user input:
[Off-Hook / Open Line] * 9 1 2 [wait] [On-Hook / Close Line]

The D370 are registered via SIP, and manually executing these actions works fine to change the Teams' call distribution variants.

Are there any other available methods to accomplish this doing just 1 button press on the phone?
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Hi Skiba,

When configuring the Function key, under Type you can choose Action URl or XML Definition, within this you can enter a URL that can be called when key is pressed.

You can build up the URL based on ahetver key press you want to emulate, as described here:



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