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M25 can't reconnect to M700 after restart the M700


I had already opened a discussion on this topic. Then also a ticket was made. Unfortunately, the solution was not final. The ticket is now closed and cannot be reopened. That's why I first wrote into the old discussion entitled "One of three M25 loses connection to M700" and hoped that a new ticket would be created. Unfortunately, there has been no response in the last 3 days. That's why I'm starting a new discussion.

Here's the problem: A customer of us use 1 M700 with disabled multicell. There are 3 M25 connected to the M700. All 3 M25s now runs with FW 324.21 and the M700 runs with FW 03.55 B0022, the M700 has been restarted and only 2 M25s have logged in automatically. The third M25 has not logged in again automatically. All 3 M25 are used in the same range arround the M700. We have to re-initialize the connection (via webinterface of M700 Users) every time it's broken.

- Is there a known issue?

- Should i start a rma for the 1 M25 wich can't reconnect automatically by itself?

Thank you for your support!

Best Answer

A new ticket has been opened for this case (#12883)


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A new ticket has been opened for this case (#12883)


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