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SNOM 300 and German Telekom VOIP


I want to setup a SNOM300 with German Telekom VOIP and was partly successful. Can someone tell me all parameters I have to set?

I did set the normal parameters and the actual status is that the phone does not respond on all incomming calls. Outgoing calls have on some numbers the error message "gewünschrter rufaufbau wird vom ziel nicht unterstützt" which sseems to be a codec problem. With other outgoing numbers everything is ok.

What I need is a complete overview of all parameters I have to set.

my config:

- Telekom DSL

- Telekom Zyxel Router (Speedlink 6501)

- Router is also doing VOIP (with the same numbers) --> no problem

- SNOM 300 with latest firmware

Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Stefan,

I'm not sure if it helps. I used the following Site for the base config:

On my site it also works partly. Incomming calls are fine but by now I'm not able to start an outbound call.


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