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D375 Bluetooth headset keeps ringing when call is answered elsewhere


we've got D375 with current firmware and headsets connected via bluetooth.

When a call comes in to a ring-group, the phone and the headset starts ringing. When the call is answered elsewhere on another extension, the phone stops ringing but the headset keeps on ringing on and on. I can only stop it from ringing by pressing the X Button on the phone.

I set the option "Ringer device for headsets" to "Use speaker", which didn't have any effect. The headset keeps ringing itself.

Are there any other options that would stop the headset from ringing at all?


Norbert Schmidt

Best Answer

Hi Norbert,

I found a bug, which was found in and has very similar behavior to what you are saying (internal ID SAP-358). The bug was already fixed in newer versions.

Can you try the firmware from ?



Hi Catalina,

thanks for your answer. I tried the firmware today but it doesn't solve the problem (Headset keeps ringing in the background after answered the call with the headset button - I can talk but the ongoing beeping is really annoying)

I know that this headset isn't directly supported but what isn't really clear to me is why some headsets are working and others not. I thought bluetooth is a standard and should be supported by all manufacturers the same way?

It would be great if you could support some more headsets in the future. If you need the one I use I could send a new one to your engineers ;-)


i'm experiencing the same issue on my Snom D385.

Do you have any news for us?

Ho Jerome,

Please use our latest available firmware release:

If you still have problems, please use one of the headsets on our supported list:



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