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Phone book display by last name, sort by last name

Hello, I have a snom d375. Here I have about 800 entries in the phone book. Unfortunately, the entries are not displayed by last name, but only sorted by last name. Is there a way to change this? I would like to see the surname first, then the first name. Best separated with a comma.

Dear Joachim,

you can change this behavior with the following setting if you're talking about internal directory:

Best regards

Hello, Unfortunately this manual is for the snom 820 and snom 870. But how does it work on the 375d

i have found the Button Directory and Sort Button. But:
Unfortunately, the entries are not displayed by last name, but only sorted by last name.
for example:
Joachim Simon (Joachim = first name, Simon = last name).
It sorts after the letter "S", but shows the name in the display: Joachim Simon. But I would like to have: Simon, Joachim


Dear Joachim,

our developer team is working on it (SCPP-8396).

Best regards

Many Thanks. Please let me know if you have a solution


Hello Joachim,

please note that your reported issue is an result / side-effect of an required ongoing rework of the local directory functionality and presentation.

So it will work different overall, but we expect to have recovered the "keypad jump" as it was in previous firmware versions (e.g.

Please use the version available via the following link for your verification. Your feedback is very welcome! This version can be considered as an hot-fix, but as that is not Snom supported for productive roll-out. It is missing full QA run, vs. Release and Service Pack 1:

File Name: snomD765- 29480448 bytesSHA256: 4c6b9fb79c9d84f1dcf0f597d2e8f0be02f70774e7a45a964d5d2763f0adc70aDownload URL:
File Name: snomD745- 26136576 bytesSHA256: b00a733059d8702c9e4e1d429e6dcd70bb2c7be82aee54761aee6f630d244b44Download URL:
File Name: snom725- 23981248 bytesSHA256: f97d0ffd610e51cef45f31a9d0afbdb0da9d2094b2cac770bb211088e6409edcDownload URL:
File Name: snom715- 23968944 bytesSHA256: 8e37504662b633c11d5510fba3555e10a67d5a26c9ff1bc5976823f8c18ee531Download URL:
File Name: snomD712- 21540016 bytesSHA256: fb12ca895e360ad84a03eb51a699a14e7127262fd2c7398622d0188d327f91f3Download URL:
File Name: snom710-
Size: 13502720 bytesSHA256: 17287526bbc0fdcaf8cfecda5c0308146728622da46bf47dc822f6c900427dadDownload URL:
- - -
File Name: snomD375- 30718576 bytesSHA256: 9339a12de832a997366bbf0c3b5e772544f76b3729de8303fa6cbeedecddab5fDownload URL:
File Name: snomD345- 26152368 bytesSHA256: c04c3026e6cf300e943e0f61c27334f015f9a2c490111aa587804aed6d305a8bDownload URL:
File Name: snomD315- 26133552 bytesSHA256: bbd9cbdb2218452bc757cd4356aa43e6b60c84e715d4b911e4a297563f72d13eDownload URL:
File Name: snomD305-
Size: 24116368 bytesSHA256: e297b56c0cde16ee858694cc1c9a08ac3a657f914523651fa08f8a0d555ae346Download URL:

Thank you for your cooperation and comprehension!

Greetings from Berlin,

Jan Boguslawski

Yes Perfect! It is working. After updating the firmware and setting the sorting by last name, it works exactly as I imagined. Many Thanks! Best regards to the programmers. Good job!
Joachim Simon


Guten Morgen Herr Simon,

gern geschehen! Ihre Grüße gebe ich gern weiter.

Schönen Tag noch und viele Grüße aus Berlin,

Jan Boguslawski

Thanks, Same problem solved with this solution.

But will we have the problem fixed in the next release version? Should we upgrade to the new release when it comes out?

Hello Hassan, 

of course the next release will contain the FIX.

Best regards

snom support team

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