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we have a problem, which is simmilar to the following 

● SAP-609 FIX: Snom 710 / D710: Loss of DTMF or Call Waiting tone after ~280 calls received
● SAP-1573 FIX: Snom 710 / D710: DTMF (in-band) stopped working after ~400 calls and needs a reboot to recover it

But we don't use 710 / D710 - we have D375/D345 phones. And all of them struggle with DTMF problems as described. The Problem started with and the did not fix the Problem.

When will the fix be available for the D3X5 phones?

Thanks in advance,

Rafael Pappert.

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Snom Support

Hi Romeo,

Unfortunately, we don't have a fix version for the 760 because this product is EOL (see ). I am sorry for the bad news. 

Maybe you can try the workaround (change the setting Identity X >> SIP >> DTMF via SIP INFO : sip info only), or use an older version. We have had one customer who reported that the DTMF issue did not happen with version snom760-, maybe you can try that?

File Name: snom760-
Size: 27 MB
SHA256: 8be243139580faab6c35af0d1a18a6b15c57049ef69e6458cbf155eff30e2282
Download URL:



Hi Catalina,

Thanks for your prompt reply.  That's a pity, our 760s are less than 3 years old but I guess nothing can be done about that.  IMO it's quite a critical bug rendering the phone practically unusable every 200 - 300 calls.  If I change to DTMF via SIP to SIP INFO only, DTMF stops working entirely but that might be solved with a configuration change on the PBX itself.

Are there any security implications if we downgrade to snom760-

Hi Romeo,

I know, I wish I could help you more with this. Alternatively you might consider replacing the phones, your reseller/provider should be able to make you a good offer considering  that you already have Snom products.

Just note that version was not an official release and is not recommended to be used in production. I am not sure about the security considerations, but if you want to be safe maybe try one of the older official releases:




we have tested the firmware snomD765-SIP but the dtmf problem still exists. After a few weeks the dtmf tone is lost. After a reboot it works for some time.

Are there any new information about that?

best regards

Hi Kai-Oliver,

Most customers have reported version to have fixed the issue. Would you be able to set up persistent logging (with a syslog server or on an USB stick) with log-level set to DEBUG2, lasting from the reboot until the issue occurs? 

If yes: your logs would be very helpful to figure out why the issue still occurs in your case. Please open a ticket to provide the logs, or let me know if I should open a ticket for you.



Hi Catalina,

we will try to get the logs. It could be take some time. We will check if we have the possibility for a syslog server.

If we have finished i will contact you again.

Thank you

Hi Kai-Oliver,

One more question: what PBX are you using?



Hi, we are using Asterisk 16.0.1 on centos7 with realtime configuration. Collecting logs at the moment.

Best regards.

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