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we have a problem, which is simmilar to the following 

● SAP-609 FIX: Snom 710 / D710: Loss of DTMF or Call Waiting tone after ~280 calls received
● SAP-1573 FIX: Snom 710 / D710: DTMF (in-band) stopped working after ~400 calls and needs a reboot to recover it

But we don't use 710 / D710 - we have D375/D345 phones. And all of them struggle with DTMF problems as described. The Problem started with and the did not fix the Problem.

When will the fix be available for the D3X5 phones?

Thanks in advance,

Rafael Pappert.

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This issue has been converted to a ticket.


Snom Support

Hi @all,

one last remaining issue with DTMF (about 24 days runtime minimum) is solved in current Release Candidate

See release notes:
SAP-3489: Sometimes the DTMF-inband-support did stop after approximately 24 days, SIP INFO user_dtmf_info was not affected #Asterisk #3CX [SCPP-8745]

Current plan for a release is end of this month (earliest: June 27. )

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Greetings from Berlin,


Currently using, the beta release which was supposed to fix the problem and the bug has hit again. Phone uptime is 114d, I don't know for how long it was not working, just noticed today.

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