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Multicell M700 and global directory


I'm having some difficulties in a multi-cell environnement (M700) : I've set an XML global address book on a 3CX server. With Wireshark running on the 3CX server (network capture) I see the DECT station connecting to the 3CX server and downloading the latest version of the global address book. However on an M65 connected to the same M700 I get an old version of the address book. 

If I move with the same M65 to another M700 in the same multi-cell env.  I get the latest version of the adress book. As soon as the phone connects back to the original M700 I get the old version. 

So it would seem that within this multi-cell env. some phones get the latest version of the address book and some download it but it doesn't get updated on the M700. 

I've compared the configuration of some of the M700 stations : they are both the same expect for the IP address and the name values. 

BTW I have deployed the latest firmware (400.02). 

Thanks for your help and best regards, 



Have a look at this Helpdesk article for using the Local Directory on the M700


Snom Support

Hi Sean, 

Thanks a lot but that document didn't help me. 

I've check the URL again but everything is configured correctly. As I said I have the exact same settings on all the DECT stations. Some of them are able to update their global address book and some don't despite the fact that the settings are the same. 

I've also checked that every DECT stations can contact the address book server and download it. In fact using a network capture tool I can see the whole conversation and the address book being downloaded from the DECT station. However for all the phones which are connected to this DECT station the address book presented to the phones is an old one. 

Thanks for your help and best regards, 


Converted to ticket.

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