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DTMF issuse

Hi Snom Support team,

Currently i'm dealing with strange  behavior of different snom ip phone models like snom 360,, snom 370, snom D375 while connecting to banking conference using DTMF . Some models are recognizing conference ID and some are not able to recognize the conference ID given by the banking authorities. Are there any settings in all models to set dtmf enable all the time??? Would be very thank full to if can provide me some assitance in this regard. thanks    

We had a similar issue with the Snom MeetingPoint. We ended up having to replace about 6 MeetingPoints with Polycom SoundStation 6000 conference phones.


Hi Alan,

well than what would be the best way out  other than replacement ? 

I don't think it was the best way out since it cost thousands of dollars but we had to fix it ASAP so it was the quickest way out.


well same models sometimes responde and sometime times don't. and if i make a ccall using mobile phone at the same time than it works with mobile phone. strange behaiviour 


Are you having trouble with the Bank IVR recognizing the conference ID entered from a particular Snom phone(s), when you dial into the Bank IVR and enter the conference ID, from the keypad of the Snom phone? The Bank IVR is thus not recognizing the DTMF being sent?

Which phone model(s) and what is the firmware version on the phone(s)?


Snom Support

Hi Sean , 

Thanks for your reply . Well we have different ip phone models like

1- snom360 with firmware and   (15 phones)

2-snom370 with firmware and    (20 phones)

3- D345 with firmwares and (12 phones)

4- D375 with firmware, and 

Yes the Bank IVR is not recognizing the DTMF being sent sometimes it accepted from the same models and sometimes it doesn't. and sometime after failure of 2 times. 

Furthermore when i try from mobile at the same time it accepted immediatly without any failure. WOULD be very thankful if u can resolve this strange behaiviour . thanks 

Best Regards:

Usman ALI 

One more thing is in the configurations i set 

dtmfmode = rfc2833 .

 The question is  can i add  both dtmfmode 




in the same configuration ?

the current dtmfmode is rfc2833 

Since firmware version 7.1.33 you can set user_dtmf_info to on and the DTMF will be sent via RTP and SIP INFO messages.

This should be the case with your phones, but I would suggest upgrading your Snom 360s and 370s to since there have been numerous DTMF related bug fixes since and Upgrade the D345s and D375s to ( if you are connecting the phone via WiFi)


Snom Support

Ok i'm doing this will let you know about the status . thanks 


Usman Ali

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