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XCAP Phonelist:

Hello, i am Using SNOM715 Phones with latest Firmware ( My Phones query a central server for XML configuration settings and receive among others the settings for a XCAP Server. The XCAP Server is a Webserver generating a Adressbook for each identity, but supports only "GET", no "PUT Commands. An entry looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<resource-lists xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:resource-lists" xmlns:cp="counterpath:properties">

  <list name="Contact List">



      <cp:prop name="entry_id" value="180officebriahtRd76RgkZ180Markus"/>

      <cp:prop name="given_name" value="Max"/>

      <cp:prop name="surname" value="Muster"/>

      <cp:prop name="sip_address" value="222"/>




My Problem is that the phone keeps sending GET and PUT Request every second to the server, i expected this is because entries were added on the phone. So i Reset the Phone to factory defaults and rebooted, but after self provisioning this behavior starts again.

After that i configured the Webserver to send a 403 Error on PUT Requests, but that does not solve my issue.

Is there a way to configure the phone to only send a GET Request if the identity is changed on the phone (there are 2 identities configured on the phone).

My self provisioning XML includes the following XCAP specific settings:

    <xcap_tbook_sync_interval perm="R">60</xcap_tbook_sync_interval>

    <xcap_server_name perm="R"></xcap_server_name>

    <xcap_server_port perm="R">443</xcap_server_port>

    <xcap_directory_auid perm="R">snom</xcap_directory_auid>

    <xcap_dir_doc_name perm="R">tbook.xml</xcap_dir_doc_name>

    <xcap_via_tls perm="R">true</xcap_via_tls>

    <tbook_sort perm="RW">9</tbook_sort>

Thanks for your support!

I think i found the problem, i have 48 entries in my XCAP XML file, adding one more entry makes the GET/PUT messages appear in the log. How many entries can be included in the XCAP file? 48 seams to be a very low amount of entries, do i have an alternative? 


Ok, it was a duplicate SIP Number, i dont't know if it is a feature or a bug, it's on you ;)

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