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Snom M85 deadman function


We have a Snom M85 with M700 and we would like to activate the deadman function, as described on this page we don't find any ressources regarding this function on m85 or m700 manual.

Could you give us any documentation to implement this?


Ok so you sell a phone with different hardware revisions which support different functions, but i never saw that on the specs. On the official page of the handset the different hardware versions is never mentionned, whereas the deadman feature is on headlines. I think you should change "Thanks to its integrated location sensors, the Snom M85 comes with a so-called dead man’s feature." and add "Snom M85 R2D+", that could avoid some people to buy a phone for features he don't have. Thanks.



Thank you for your input. I will pass this along to the Product Manager.


Snom Support

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