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Attended transfer when multiple call on hold


I am trying to perform an attended transfer when multiple incoming call is on hold.

When I press the transfer button, the phone selects the oldest line by default, but i want to transfer to the last put on hold without the need of select it manually.

They are a specific option to do that?

I found this option "xfer_dest_order_lifo" but it seems to not be considered by the phone.

Phone : Snom 720 SIP fw

IPBX: Asterisk 1.8.13



This setting has been introduced in the current development firmware and is not included in the firmware. 

It will be available with the next firmware release. 

Best regards,

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Thanks for your reply.

Are they a release date for the new firmware? Or a way to obtain it for test purpose?

I need to choose rapidly a phone model for a 100 user telecom installation, and this is a key feature for us.


Hi Manuelo,

this feature is already included into the latest

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