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Snom PA-1

We use a PA1 as a ringer with a loudspeaker in a construction hall. The first sip account is set to 'no auto answer mode'.

His extension is used in a group so when someone picks up a real phone the ringing stops. Our client wants also that output3 is set to 'on' (for a relay board behind it) while the pa1 is ringing. The relay is set to 'off" when ringing stops.

On the PA1 we have set 'action urls' to active pin3 to on when recieving a incoming call, http://[ip]/dummy.htm?pa1_pin3=[on/off]&settings=save. The following events 'on offhook' , 'on connected' and 'on disconnected' are set to set the pin3 output to 'off'.

We have set a second sip account to use the pa1 also as a intercom/paging system. This account is set to 'auto answer'.

Problem :

if we call the 2nd sip account for paging, the pa1 open the connexion (remember auto answer is set), set output pin3 to 'on' because of the event 'incoming call' but doesn't set pin3 to 'off' with the event 'on connected'. The relay connected to pin3 stays 'on' all the time while a announcement is spoken. It is only set to 'off' when we end the call.

It seems that when in auto answer mode, the event 'on connected' is not executed. I find no trace in the log file. Is there another solution or is this problem a bug in the firmware.

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