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Callrecords w/o displayname after reloading tbook.xml (mass deploment)

Hello Community

A complete reload of the address book  is necessary to delete old entries

But when reloading the tbook.xml (complete="true") all following callrecords are missing the displayname. 




The only way to fix, is a reboot of the device.


Here the steps i have to perform...

1. I need to set inside the tbook.xml (complete="true") to delete old entries.

2. When the address book is updated i have to set inside the tbook.xml (complete="false").

3. I have to restart the phone to get back all the callrecord_xxx_displaynames


Any way to fix that issue or is there a setting available to show the displaynames after a reload of the address book?

Regards Lopez

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Dear Roberto,

this topic will be closed: we'll go ahead into the open support ticket.

Best regards