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Phones provisioning URL is locked


We have several phones that we are trying to set-up on a new provisioning URL. I understand from another thread that you need the MAC address for each of the handsets. Could you please clear the following:

Snom 370
 - 000413260355
 - 0004132956DC
 - 000413260A5D
 - 000413260A5B

Snom 300
 - 0004134AAE38
 - 000413495DEE
 - 000413285BB2
 - 00041325244A
 - 0004134AAD66
 - 0004132817EC
 - 0004133744C0

Thanks in advance.

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I have created a support ticket and responded to you directly.



Snom Support

Hello Sean!

Same here, I have two 370 phones, which actually should be already removed by

Filip Polsakiewicz in 2014, but they seem to be still there.


 Can you please remove them?

Thank you,


Deal Alexander, please follow the instructions reported here for the mac address removal.


Hi Pietro,

I'm well aware about the procedure and I already had this issue several times with phones that we removed from our provisioning system. We're able to delete them, but we're not able to completely remove them.

These are the options I get when I log in with my user (which I will not post here, as this is a public post):

SHOW : Show the status of a phone.
REGISTER : Register a phone.
DEREGISTER : Deregister a phone.
LIST : List all phones assigned.
BYE : Leave this tool.


As you can see, the DELETE Option is missing, so I can not completely remove devices.

What are we going to do now?

Dear Alexander,

what tool are you using ? the only tool we provide is the Python CLI.

Then on the XML-RPC API we don't have a "remove" method: when you un-register a MAC the mac is also freed.

That's how I usually log in there - to be hones, didn't use it for a while since, we were promised that all our phones are taken out of the snom redirect service.

/usr/bin/ssh -l xxxnet370 -i /usr/local/bin/snom.key -q -t -t


so as I see, that's the python cli. Anyhow, the problem in the past always was the after i made a REMOVE, I had to request complete deprovisioning from Snom Support, since the MAC address was still locked to our provider and could not be used by anyone else.

Last time I did that with Filip Polsakiewicz from Snom Support in 2014, but I don't know if he's still in your company.

Thanks Alexander,

I see you are still using an old method, I'll cotact you via a private ticket in order to discuss / fix your status.