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Snom m700 roming

Hi I have Two snom m700 and i want to use snom multicell feature These two m700 conected with network but not conected on snom m700 radio Is it possible to use multicell in this case ?

Hello Mohammad,

To get a fully featured multi-cell system, you need both network _and_ radio connectivity between the base stations. 

However, you can use a multi-site setup, by using the "Allow multi primary" setting. In that case, you will have a primary base station on each "site", and handsets will be able to roam from one site to another with the same registration. Obviously, handover will not work, so you can't move from one site to another while in-call. 

For this to work, you have to make sure that both sites can communicate over the network and that they *never* "see" each other radio-wise. 

Best regards,

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Thank you for the answer


Best regards,

Hi, so that means all parameters gotta be exactly the same so that handover and roaming is possible ? Greets

Yes, most parameters such as server, extensions etc must be the same. But you configure only one base and the rest will take the configuration from it automatically. See

Great! Thank you

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