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SIP Subscribe url snom320


I'm trying to configure a Snom 320 to work with my provider and everything seems to be working fine except my BLF buttons.

I have a Snom 821 which the provider is auto provisioning and I've noticed that when it sends a subscribe it does like  

My snom 320 on the other hand sends the subscribe like being the URL the phone is registering to. is the server they use to handle the subscribe/notfiy's 

So I've been looking around the settings and i can't seem to find anywhere i can set the url for the "presence server" 

And looking through the settings on the snom 821 i can't find any reference to either. 

In the function keys setup both of them have the same string: 


Any idea's as to what I'm missing?

BLFs work on the 821, but not the 320?

Yes. Because the 821 is subscribing to the right server, while the 320 is trying to subscribe to the same server as it registers too. 


Can you provide the settings files from both phones with the MAC addresses, passwords and any other sensitive information redacted?


Snom Support

Hi Sean,

Attached is the 2 files with information redacted. 

What I don't understand is that there is no reference to (the server handling subscribe/notify's) anywhere in the snom 821 settings. 

And just for more data

This is the string in function keys (BLF) on the 821;user=phone|*80*

This is the string that the snom 821 sends when subscribing: 


This is the string in function keys on the 320  (missing the |*80* part in the xml file because i was testing stuff and right now i just want the lamp to blink);user=phone

This is the string that the snom 320 sends when subscribing: 

SUBSCRIBE;user=phone SIP/2.0


Dear Andreas,

into the 821 settings there are no mentions for, so if the phone is sending SUBSCRIBEs to a SIP URI with such host part is because the SUBSCRIBE is "redirected" to the server2 URI from the server side (Eg. receiving a new Contact header or so).

I guess you should investigate with your telco provider..

Thanks and best regards,

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