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Line showing as in use but is not

Hi, we are supporting a client that has alot of SNOM devices as well as Grandstream.

An issue has occurred that one of the extensions on the SNOM phone is showing another extension as busy/in use with the status as red, the line is not in use.

She can still transfer calls to that extension, and there is nothing wrong with the extension itself, no other device is having issues with this extension.

I have tried removing it off the device and re adding it but makes no difference, i just cant see what would be causing it.

The device is a snom 715-siip

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I'm assuming you have a BLF configured on the D715 that is indicating the BLF user has an active call when they do not. Is this correct? What version of firmware is on the phone? Can you provide a capture of the Subscriptions information page from the Web User Interface when this occurs as well.

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